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20 Sep

Leather Pride Parade 2020

Organized By: Lex Monteil
Started: 20 September 2020 at 11:30 am
Ending: 20 September 2020 at 1:30 pm

1425 Folsom Street

Looking Ahead to 2020

  • Help us build an enduring community

A parade
can make
a difference

With each step we move the Leather Community forward


Leather’s Broad Spectrum

The Leather community is rich with diversity. The Leather Pride Parade is about celebrating our traditions and demonstrating the many different walks of life that contribute to the Leather Community. Follow the links below to hear more about why we walk from those who walk proudly in Leather every day.

We are the Leather that binds

About Us


We are proud, that much is clear, but what exactly are we proud of, and why is having pride in leather so important to us?  With so many people from different walks of life  identifying with the leather community, how is a common pride even possible?

Our pride comes from our heritage, our traditions, and the act of breaking the chains of ignorance that that once kept us hostage to undeserved shame.  We gain pride from our community, and the spirit that brings us to work, to play and to call this place home.

Proud Moments
A collection of rare moments, together joining to give strength to each of us, as we move forward in our lives, and embrace each other in our hearts. These are the moments that give us hope and bring us joy.
Experience Pride
Landmarks of Pride
Eagle Plaza - A pedestrian park dedicated to celebrating the leather community, the first of its kind in the world, demonstrating San Francisco's proud heritage.
Discover Eagle Plaza
Monuments to Pride
Rare is the people that honor those who demonstrate the courage to stand up for what they feel, who they love, and how they express this to others. In this place, and with these stones, we stake our pride.
Honoring Heritage
Proud Traditions
We raise the flag, we stand our ground, we walk. These are a few of the traditions that keep us grounded.
Discover Traditions