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About the Parade

To preserve and honor a long-standing tradition, many leather and kink community organizations and individuals gather on the Sunday before Folsom Street Fair to celebrate the start of Leather Week, to show our pride and diversity, and to raise the Leather Flag. 

Participating in the Leather Pride Parade is 100% free and voluntary.

Anyone can sign up to join the parade, and anyone can walk in the parade.  Being part of an organization contingent is encouraged, and often more fun. Pre-registration lets us know to expect you, and lets us plan the event better   But everyone is welcome.  

Yes.  You don’t have to be gay, or into leather, or even a little bit kinky.  Leather Binds Us All!

Sure.  You won’t really be by yourself — we will all be with you.

The parade route is about 8 blocks long.  The best place to view it is to be part of it.  Second best would probably be in front of Mr. S Leather, watching as it turns up 8th Street and approaches you.  

The parade will be led by an honor guard of flag bearers, courtesy of the Golden Gate Guards and the Alexander Hamilton Post 448.  It is likely that the Dykes on Bykes may will also be at the front of the procession, for logistical reasons. Other contingents may be assigned locations on the day, but in no particular order of merit or importance.  Or we may let folks organize themselves. Everyone will arrive at each stop at pretty much the same time.

The parade can be watched by anyone, but the target audience is persons ages 18 and over.  Persons under 21 will not be admitted to the bars along the route, nor to the beer bust at the conclusion of the parade.

Everyone joining the parade is encouraged to check in at the Folsom Street Foundry, 1425 Folsom Street (between 10th and 11th Streets) some time between 11:00 and 11:30 a.m.  If over 21, please show your ID to receive a wristband; this will speed up your entry to bars along the route, and to the beer bust at the end.  

Everyone checking in for the Parade will receive a handsome commemorative Eagle Plaza pin (while supplies last).

At 11:45 we will gather into parade formation, and take a few pictures.  At precisely 12 noon (insert hysterical laughter emoji here) we will step off.

The parade will proceed down Folsom Street towards 8th Street, turn right onto 8th, then right again onto Harrison and continue up Harrison to 12th Street.

The parade will stop at various locations along the route, including the Hole in the Wall / Powerhouse, Mr. S Leather, the Stud, and the Lone Star Saloon.  Entering and patronizing these locations is entirely optional, but appreciated.  

The parade’s last leg will take it to the corner of 12th and Harrison, in front of the San Francisco Eagle.  

At that time we will raise a new 25’x15′ Leather Flag on a magnificent 80-foot flagpole at the entrance to the (not-yet-completed) Eagle Plaza.

After that comes an expanded version of the traditional San Francisco Eagle Beer Bust.  As always, the $15 beer bust offers beer or soda from 3 to 6 pm, and a delicious plate of food served on the Eagle patio.  But for this occasion the party extends up and down Harrison Street, from Division to 11th Street, with beer and cocktail service, booths, an entertainment stage, and more.

Harrison Street will be closed to traffic for this special, private event, and you must be 21 years of age, with ID, to enter. Admission is free.  

Many people fondly remember the annual Leatherwalk, which traditionally happened on the Sunday before Folsom Street Fair.  This event was cancelled for 2019 by its hosts, PRC, and the Leather Pride Parade is a new tradition that honors that one.

Unlike Leatherwalk, the Leather Pride Parade is not primarily a fundraiser.  No solicitations will be made during the parade. Fund-raising on behalf of local non-profits will happen at the beer bust.

It should also be understood that this event is much more for the participants than the  spectators. While we encourage each contingent to bring a banner to identify themselves, and while press and media coverage is expected, we do not anticipate large throngs of people along the streets waving and begging us to throw beads or candy at them.  It is a “parade,” yes, but it is in many ways also a march, a walk, and a crawl.  

You can post pictures directly on the group’s Facebook Page (, or post them on Twitter or Instagram using tags #LeatherPrideParade, @leatherprideparade, or @sfleatherparade.  


Professional private security has been arranged for the beer bust.  The San Francisco Police will be on hand to protect us while we are on the street.  

Please dress appropriately for the weather; wear good, comfortable shoes, and bring sun protection and ID.  Bottled water is recommended, although note that you cannot bring beverages — even water — into or out of a bar.  

Although not specifically prohibited, I wouldn’t plan on it.

Service animals of all kinds are of course welcome.  Bringing other pets is not encouraged.

The parade is officially hosted by the Friends of Eagle Plaza.  The beer bust and celebration at the end is hosted by the San Francisco Eagle.  

MUNI’s #12 bus stops at the corner of 11th and Folsom, just a few feet from the Foundry, and MUNI lines 9, 27, 47 and 19 all stop nearby.  

From Market Street, it’s a four block walk, or you can take the #9 bus outbound: it turns south on 11th Street and you can get off at either Howard or Harrison.  

Parking is not a problem on a Sunday; but leave no valuables in your car.  

There is no clothing check provided specifically for this event.  Mr. S Leather and the SF Eagle each offer limited bag/clothing check services.

Our understanding is that in the parade, as in all such events with city permits in San Francisco, clothing is optional.  However, naked marchers are likely to be denied access to venues with liquor licenses, including the beer bust.  

The SF Eagle Beer Bust includes a meal, as usual. There are many other dining options in the area for you to enjoy.

Thanks for asking!  

  • You can sign up here to help with the Parade, or here to help with the beer bust.  If you reference a specific not-for-profit group when you check in on Sunday, that organization gets a share of the beer bust proceeds!)  We need folks to help with all aspects of the event, from decorating the “cablecar” we have rented for the mobility-challenged, to selling cups serving food at the beer bust, and everything in between.  
  • If you are a member of a group — especially any group with a leather, kink, fetish or LGBTQ theme — you can encourage that group to participate in the Parade.
  • If you are in a leadership role in such a group, you can sign up that organization to participate, and tell all your members about it.
  • You can go to our group page on Facebook, and like and follow it.
  • You can go to the Parade event page on Facebook, and click “Going”.  Then click “share” and invite all your friends — well, the important ones — to come along!  
  • You can repeat the above procedure for the Celebration event page.  
  • You can start planning now what wonderful outfit you will wear.  
  • You can show up at the Folsom Street Foundry no later than 11:30 am on Sunday, September 22, 2019, ready to have a fantastic time!

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